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I thought I would start a thread for those applying to UTA for Fall 2013; AP or on-campus. i will be applying to both and am hoping to find a job at a partnered hospital before the January 5, 2012 deadline.... Read More

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    Can anyone please let me know what books I need for technical writing? I am taking it online in 10 days! Also... Do we need that writer reference ? Just need to order as soon as possible! Thanks BTW... Final in intro was pretty easy!

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    When I took it, I needed some tech comm book (can't remember the name) and A Writer's Reference by Diana Hacker. The school bookstore should tell you (then you can order it on Amazon a lot cheaper.) A Writer's Reference actually comes in handy; I have used it for other classes, as well.

    Yes, that Intro final was easy. Glad that class if over so I can just focus on Patho now!
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    joshsmother...I bought the technical writing book and decided I am not taking it until the very last class before nursing school as I am working toward getting into a different nursing school other than UTA which doesn't require the class. Are we allowed to offer our books to other students here, or is that breaking the rules? If so, I live in the Flower Mound area depending on where you live...or I could always mail it.

    Also, when you register for the class, it has a section online that you can go to the UTA online book store and see what you need. I don't remember seeing that we needed a writers reference book because I bought the required book.
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    Oh, I just double checked and the writers reference is recommend but not required.


    • TITLE:Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace Package University of Texas at Arlington
    • AUTHOR:Gurak
    • EDITION:2nd
    • PUBLISHER:Pearson Learning Solutions
    • ISBN:9781256926009
    • NEW:$89.00
    • USED:$66.75


    • TITLE:Writer's Reference (w/out CD)
    • AUTHOR:Hacker
    • EDITION:7th
    • PUBLISHER:Bedford Saint Martin's
    • ISBN:9780312601430
    • NEW:$71.50
    • USED:$53.75
    • RENTAL NEW:$53.63
    • RENTAL USED:$26.81
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    You can offer books to fellow students. I don't see why it would be a violation of any sort. I have borrowed my books out on numerous occasions. If you can find someone to exchange books with, it's a great way to save money.
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    Was wondering - does the CON send out acceptance/rejection letters via snail mail or email?
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    Has anyone taken the pharm test yet?
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    Thanks for the offer. I got the kindle version of the required book and bought the writer's reference for $35 from a friend. I wanted th reference since I am sure to be writing lots of papers!!!!!
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    From my experience from my spring application they only sent letter through your uta.edu e-mail. People that were waitlisted were waiting till two weeks before the semester started because they were still filling spots up till then. UTA is a very long waiting game compared to TCU and SWAU but the lower tuition really in my eyes makes it worth it. Hopefully we will find out around the beginning of May since I have heard mid-April. Last year they said we would start hearing around mid October and no one heard anything till beginning of November so I am using that as a reference point to when we should hear something this round. Best of luck to everyone who applied.
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    Anyone taken the 2nd Patho exam yet? Tougher than the first?

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