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I thought I would start a thread for those applying to UTA for Fall 2013; AP or on-campus. i will be applying to both and am hoping to find a job at a partnered hospital before the January 5, 2012... Read More

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    Quote from joshsmother
    How is technical writing? It is my next course and I have many skills but writing is not one of my better ones.

    Technical writing is one of those classes that you just think "WHY". It is actually easy and I can pretty much completed everything in one day...except for the writing assignment. They aren't really long, but I also am not a writer. I tend to put down my thoughts on each section of the assignment and the come back to it at the end of the week after everything else is done.

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    That helps. I am just not sure what to expect.
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    On Patho, I'm still working on reading and study guide. I looked at it but haven't started the notes.
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    Intro peeps... Math quiz #10.... True false about therapeutic dosage got me! How was that true??
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    I will look when I can get into BB. There is something wrong with the system right now. It's driving me crazy. Do you remember what the question was? I got a 100 on that quiz, but I can't see it.

    Has anyone taken the weekly Intro quiz yet? Just wondering how hard it was. I have not taken it bc I have been studying for Patho. The syllabus says to study at least 1 hour a day. HA! Yeah right! Try 4 hours a day.

    Tech Writing is not difficult, just really time consuming.
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    If I remember that one correctly, on the label the therapeutic level is listed as so many mcg per kg of weight. You have to determine the weight in kg, if it wasn't given that way, then multiply it by the mcg per kg of weight. It comes up to the therapeutic level they have listed. I hope I remembered that one correctly and this helps.
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    I started it. The first part wasn't bad. I'm on Genetic Influence of Disease now. It is taking me longer to read because I am color coding highlighting and making flashcards as I go along. I haven't made a punnet square since high school. Can't wait for Intro to be over, either.
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    Hey everyone! I am new to this website so I am not sure if I am writing on the right forum or not but here goes! Is anyone enrolled in the AP pharmacology section 600 (started jan. 28) and living in Austin? I haven't taken too many online classes so I am looking for some people that would want to make a study group once or twice a week to go over notes/readings etc. Not having "human" contact with any other students or professors makes me a little nervous! If anyone is interested please let me know!
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    I was going to ask that about intro class. I am in Ft Worth. This is a great forum. Maybe I should email the class as a whole
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    I would love to, but I am in Houston. I'm so nervous about the first exam!

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