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UTA AP BSN Program Questions

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    I am beginning my prereqs at UTA in 2 weeks. I have so many questions that I would love to get answered regarding this program.

    I have read through some of the forums regarding this program. I hope to apply and begin the in the fall, 2014 cohort.

    I was reading that the online Micro and Chem classes were a disaster about 2 years ago. Is this still the case? Did anyone use the easy/cliff note style books to study for these classes?

    Do you all keep all of your books? If not, where do I go to find these books from previous students?

    I am particularly curious about the clinical portion as I plan my future. I am wondering if there are any partner hospitals in the Denton area. I would love not to have to commute and if getting a job at a local hospital would help, I would do this to avoid the 2 hours or more commute to and from the Denton area to Dallas or Fort Worth.

    I plan to take all the science courses at UTA as well as more than 30 total credit hours at UTA once I have completed my pre-reqs. Right now I am not employed, and would rather remain unemployed during this process. However, I have read how difficult it is to get into the program, so if I can get into a hospital near to my home and be partnered with them to increase my chances, I will consider it. I remember seeing that THR, Parkland, Baylor and Presby are a part of the partnership, but I don't know which hospitals in particular are included.

    Are there any scholarships or grants that I can apply for the UTA AP BSN program? I read online that AP BSN students are exempt from the university scholarships, which is very frustrating! I am still paying for my education there. I do not think I will qualify for any financial aid.

    Thanks for any info, y'all!
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    I suggest moving your question to the Texas Nursing forum to obtain the most answers.

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    Threads merged and moved to the UTA Online Nursing Degree Forum to elicit further response.

    Good Luck