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  1. Hi, I'm seriously considering the 15 month BSN program (for non-RNs) at UT later this year, obviously when my preqs are out the way. Wanted to know if anybody out there has done this program or know of someone who has? How was the 15 month long clinicals and how was it taking courses online? How did the financial aid work? I have been working as a RT, mainly in ICU for 6 years now and want a career change. Thanks guys...
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  3. by   remi2010
    UT-Arlington BSN program

    I was speaking with my adviser about this the other day and she was telling me how it is much easier to get in if you're already partnered with a hospital. Also, the number of applicants they are accepting will increase by double for the following year. When are you planning to apply? I'm planning on applying by January.
  4. by   Jech
    i have to take several classes before i can get into the program... but i am pretty close since i have an associate’s degree in science! i am doing everything online, in 5 week increments. so, hopefully soon i will be able to start the program. many of my coworkers are doing the rn-bsn program and have nothing but great things to say about the program. i can’t wait!
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    Yes, I work at MD anderson so glad to hear I already got a foot in the door, lookin at prereqs, I think I have like 4 or 5 only...so apperently it sounds good. Im in the Excelsior program but self pace/teaching is not for me. This UT-A program sounds like it has more structure...
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    Hi Esco0101,

    I'm currently in the 2nd semester of the AP-BSN program that you're interested in applying to. You will be placed in clinicals based on your location. I'm with the Fort Worth clinical group. I'm associated with the Texas Health Resources (THR) group. Last semester, we did our clinicals at Harris Fort Worth downtown. This semester for psych, we are at Millwood Psychiatric Hospital. Our Med-surg will be at Harris again later in the semester.

    It's best if you are employed by the hospital that you are grouped with so that you can take advantage of the tuition reimbursement that they'll offer you. I am an PRN employee and therefore do not qualify for the tuition reimbursement benefit. Also, as an employee, you'll be eligible for book vouchers that will cover the cost of your books each semester. I receive financial aid from UTA that basically covers my tuition (this does include loans, however).

    Taking the courses online aren't that bad as long as you keep yourself organized and exercise some strict discipline. Here's a link to the site that we use to access our courseware: University of Texas Arlington Academic Partnerships

    Just as a warning, you will also need to sign a contract with the hospital that you are grouped with. I don't know how the other hospitals operate but I know that with THR, you will be required to work for them for 2 full consecutive years as a RN at one of their facilities. If you break this contract, you will owe them $15,000. I can send you a copy of the contract so that you can read it for yourself. If you don't mind these terms then it should work out for you.

    It seems like the program is still working out kinks in terms of being more organized. Hopefully, by the time you enroll, the program will be better. I do feel that I have learned a lot so far.

    Hope this info has been helpful!
  7. by   BabyCatchr
    How many hours a week and/or hours per day do you spend on your coursework and studying? Is this program doable in a 8-5 day or do you spend your weekends studying and doing papers? I am working on finishing a couple of prereqs that I didn't get with my bachlor's of arts and this will be my 2nd bachelor's so I will be doing the AP online BSN.
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    Quote from BabyCatchr
    How many hours a week and/or hours per day do you spend on your coursework and studying? Is this program doable in a 8-5 day or do you spend your weekends studying and doing papers? I am working on finishing a couple of prereqs that I didn't get with my bachlor's of arts and this will be my 2nd bachelor's so I will be doing the AP online BSN.
    Some classes demand a lot more hours than others. I also already have a bachelor's and thought that I could handle these nursing courses based on my prior experience. Initially I struggled because the course load was very heavy (especially considering that these are accelerated classes). The rule of thumb is that you're likely going to be spending 40+ hours a week studying. I know that everyone is different and learns at their own pace. Be prepared to dedicate a a large portion of your time to these courses. I have classmates that are married with children and I commend them for how they're able to handle this program knowing how stressful it is.

    You will definitely be spending weekends studying. Keep in mind that you may also have weekend clinicals. I had clinicals on the weekend this past semester for Med-surg so my weekends were pretty much gone. For me, it didn't seem like there was a day that I wasn't studying.
  9. by   shelala

    I considering doing the Online BSN program at UT Arlington and was looking for some feed-back. How intense is the program, and will you be able to work and do school?

    Thanks in advance
  10. by   Judyduckett
    I am currently waiting on my acceptance letter for Uta AP Nursing Program-biting my nails in anticipation!! Hopefully i will hear something soon before i have a heart-attack...lol How's you online courses going? Is it really as difficult as they say?
  11. by   Medic2RN
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  12. by   mcnini77
    This is a very intense program. I am in my Senior 1 semester, and graduate in May 2012. I was an A student, with a 4.0 before I started taking the nursing classes, not anymore! I also have a baby, though, who was only 3 months old when I started the program (he's eleven months old now), so that has caused my grades to drop. I feel like I could do better but it would be at the expense of spending even less time with him and my husband, and I won't do that. You really cannot work full-time and do this program.

    I work 20 hours a week at Baylor, but have my son in full time day care, because I need all of those hours to study. Seriously, I try to pass off as many of my hours as I can to my co-workers who want them. The online classes are very time consuming, with multiple pod casts, online lectures, slideshows, etc. You really need to be self motivated to do the material.

    My clinical group does most of our clinical rotations at Baylor Dallas. We went to JPS for Psych, and I am currently at Childrens' Dallas for Pediatrics. Back to Baylor next week for Critical Care rotation. My group has testing on Wednesdays. The tests are difficult, and require critical thinking and application of the knowledge learned in class. My advice is to DO YOUR READING...and whatever else you find helpful. If your instructor offers to to a live webinar, attend if at all possible! It is a great opportunity to ask questions and get helpful advice for the tests. You have to pick what material and resources will be most helpful to you, and use your own smarts to do it, because unless you don't work and don't have kids and don't have any kind of life other than school, you will NEVER have time to do everything they tell you to do.

    Also, I didn't have to sign any contract with my partner hospital (I work at Baylor). Neither did anyone else in my clinical group, including one girl who who is not employed with any of the partner hospitals. In fact, one of my classmates quit Baylor because her department would not work with her school schedule. So I don't know if it is only certain hospitals that require you to sign a contract, but I can tell you that Baylor does not.

    Hope that helps! Good luck.
  13. by   Judyduckett
    I work @ Plaza in Fort Worth, they dont require a contract either, in addition I'm Prn and only required to work 4 shifts a month. I applied fot the nursing program back in June and still haven't heard anything and my advisor claims they dont know when the letters are going out ....so i'm dying over here. When did you guys get your letters? Please let me know if there are any books, websites ect that may help me be successful in this program. Any tips, suggestion will be greatly appriciated. Let me know if you're interested in getting rid of your old books are whatever you dont want or need anymore. My # is 817-907-4571 email address is duckett12@sbcglobal.net.
    Thank you for your time-keep in touch.
  14. by   tejas03
    I did not know that MD Anderson and Plaza Medical were partnering hospitals with UTA AP BSN program??! They were not listed on the listed that my advisor sent me for the Spring '12 program. I wonder why this is??! This is the list she sent...

    Spring 2012 AP BSN Partner Hospitals:
    THR Dallas (Presbyterian)
    THR Arlington Memorial
    TBD (THR)
    TBD (THR)
    Baylor Medical Center
    Parkland & Dallas Children’s
    John peter Smith (JPS) & Cook Children’s
    HCA Plano
    St. Elizabeth (Beaumont)

    Do you all know of others that were not listed??!!!