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TOEFL requirement at UTA

  1. 0 Has anyone been exempt from the TOEFL requirement at UTA? I'm applying to their online RN-BSN program and it asks to submit TOEFL scores if I didn't attend an English-speaking high school. Is that the case even if I've been in the States for 15+ years, have attended college here, and took ESL when I first arrived?
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    You may want to contact the school and ask to speak to an adviser or someone in admissions.
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    Hi usrn1. I did not graduate high school here but I have a GED. They did not even count that and all my college degrees I have from attending Com Colleges in US. I took TOEFL in order for me to be qualified for BSN program
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    Thanks! I don't know why I didn't think about asking admissions. I was being transferred from enrollment to school of nursing back and forth with no answers. Called admissions and got my answer right away.
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    So how was it? Did you get exempt from the toefl? If not, what is the minimum point? Thank you
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    Hi! Yeah, I have to take the TOEFL. No way around it. At least not from UTA. Other universities don't have that requirement. I don't know about the minimum score they require. I'm just going to take the test and go from there. I test in a few weeks.
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    Hi! Sorry Trang5891, I just noticed your PM. I guess I haven't been in here often enough to be able to reply by PM. Yeah, I called admissions and they told me I didn't have to take the TOEFL so I went ahead and applied to UTA, but then my advisor from the school of nursing said I had to take it. She won't let me register for any nursing classes without the TOEFL scores. You can apply and it's not a requirement for admission, but it's a requirement for the school of nursing. There really is no way around it. Anyway, I purchased the TOEFL teaching materials, I think it cost about $40, not sure now, and I've been studying that. If you've been here in the States for a while it won't be difficult. At least that's what I'm hoping!
    Good luck!
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    Hello usrn1, thanks so much for your reply. You make it so clear now bc eventhough I'v e been "stalking" the UTA website for awhile but Im stillconfused. Also, I just found out the minimum score is 79(s:21,L:16,R:20, W:22) .You are right, I believe its not hard at least like Nclex :-) Im planning to take toefl in july and I hope you can pass too:-)
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    Hi trang,
    Have u tried talking to an adviser 'coz I thought I have to take TOEFL too. I told myself that if I have to take Toefl, there's no way i'm going back to school. I emailed my adviser and told him that I graduated fr a high school which English is the medium of instruction. To myself, I'll ask anyway coz there's no harm in trying. Adviser told me to give him a proof like a letter and a high school diploma saying that Engish is used the medium of instruction. I provided him the letter and high school diploma, and then he cleared me for toefl. I didn't have to take it. I'm now taking a class. I don't know your situation but try to talk to an adviser.