Timeframe for acceptance?

  1. Hi all!

    I applied to the online RN-BSN program at UTA for the Feb 25th start. I submitted my application last week (which has been received according to MyMav.) I mailed out my transcripts via certified mail and they arrived last Friday, ahead of the January 14th deadline.

    How long did it take from the time you submitted a complete application to when you heard about your acceptance?

    Also, how do they deal with transfer credits? My first go-around in college I ended with a 3.0 but had many C's, whereas in nursing school I graduated top of my class as I have graduate school admissions on my brain. Do the course grades get transferred? The GPA from the course? Or both? Or neither - as I know that's the more traditional way of doing things.

    I'm hoping the transfer courses l need are all ones I did well in or else I will re-take them at UTA so the poor grades of my past life aren't carried over and reflected on my transcript.

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  3. by   kirsnikity
    Hey there, I am starting on February 25th as well! I applied November 30 but my transcripts arrived after the January start date deadline so I have to wait till February to begin. I officially was accepted to the university and nursing program this week. Don't worry though--I was told the college handles applications by start date, so they should be working on your file already. Have you been contacted by your admissions advisor? If you haven't I imagine you will be called next week. Mine called me soon after I applied and we have been in touch since then.

    The grades from the courses you're transferring will help configure your GPA at UTA. Your course map will calculate a GPA based on your already completed work. I believe only grades from courses you are transferring for credit are used to calculate GPA, but I'm not 100% sure on that. HTH!
  4. by   MBrickle
    Great! Glad to hear from you! Yikes...hopefully they take the courses with the best grades that will satisfy the requirement!

    I'm hoping to hear from them and get this party started. I'm hoping to double or even triple up in some cases to finish fast!

    Did they take many of your transfer courses?
  5. by   kirsnikity
    Quote from MBrickle
    Great! Glad to hear from you! Yikes...hopefully they take the courses with the best grades that will satisfy the requirement!

    I'm hoping to hear from them and get this party started. I'm hoping to double or even triple up in some cases to finish fast!

    Did they take many of your transfer courses?
    They accepted all the courses I thought they would accept, so thankfully there were no surprises. I'm going to take Tech Writing and Prof Nursing A starting 2/25, then with Prof Nursing B I'm also taking Stats and Texas Govt. Hopefully I'm not in over my head!

    Do you have all your pre-reqs done? I have five to complete in the program, not including one upper division elective. I'll use my RNC certification for the other elective.
  6. by   MBrickle
    I'm not sure but I think so? I took medical terminology at a local community college and I read that they only accept it from a 4-year institution so that may be an issue.

    Have you been able to find an exhaustive list of certifications they accept? Also, how we're you notified of acceptance?
  7. by   kirsnikity
    Medical terminology is an upper division elective at UTA, so it would have to come from a university. I haven't found a list of certs they accept, but I e-mailed a copy of my RNC to my academic advisor and I'm waiting for her to get back to me. Do you have a certification? I was notified of admission via e-mail. Hopefully they will get back to you soon!
  8. by   MBrickle
    No I have no certs! I know that means I'm in for another elective. I hope I get accepted...and soon! I'm just so anxious to begin, especially because you really need a BSN in my area!
  9. by   NclexSally
    Hello all! I filled out my application on 1/14/2013 for the April class. However when I spoke to admissions they said I applied for the feb class. I was sorta befuddled but either one is fine for me. I mailed off my transcripts yesterday so I am not sure how this will play out. My question is........ I see you all mentioning electives that we have to take for the RN-BSN pgm, such as medical terminology etc.. can you tell me how I could find out about these requirements and If I have to take these classes too would I be able to couple them with a full set of classes (I think two is a full set) meaning would I be able to take three classes in one quarter if its something like med term (I took that years ago in 2003 in another program I completed but it was not at a university). Let me know what you can (I know I am rambling here, I hope you can understand what I'm trying to ask :-)). BTW congrats to you all on starting in Feb. Please keep me posted to let me know how it goes/is going in the event I don't start with you all. Thanks!
  10. by   MBrickle
    Hey! Great to hear from you!

    I also have no idea about what pre req's we actually need to take and/or transfer. I only know about medical terminology because I've read through some other threads on the subject. I just figured that when they accept me (hopefully) they would provide a list of courses that they are transferring over and let me know what I still need to take. From there I was going to take a look at the extra copy of my transcripts that I kept for myself and see if any other courses would fulfill something I need and then argue it with the school. Plus, I also want to make sure that if they need a science with a lab that they transfer over one of my sciences with the best grade (B) and not a science course where I got a C or something! I'm all about getting the highest GPA so I want to make sure they are transferring my courses with the best grades!

    Have you heard about your acceptance yet? I applied on 1/11 or so and then had my transcripts mailed overnight and I know they received them.

    From what I have read, some people have been able to finish the program is as little as 8 months! I would love to do the same. I think this requires taking two nursing courses along with an elective. I heard that they pretty much won't let you take more than two nursing courses at a time but I'm not sure about that.

    What concerns me is scheduling courses and keeping track of them. I can't imaging how difficult it must be to be taking one course for 5 weeks, another for 8 and then another for a whole 15 week semester. And then on top of that, remembering to register for more classes every few weeks or so! I'm not sure if that's how it works but it sure seems like a to keep tabs on. I'm hoping to finish sooner than later and I work nights and have some down time on my shift so hopefully I could easily handle 3 courses. I really like online coursework but I absolutely see how it isn't for everybody.

    What type of nursing do you do? Do you live in TX?
  11. by   kirsnikity
    Check out http://www.uta.edu/nursing/files/RNonlineflyer.pdf for information about additional courses that are required with the degree. I believe you can take two nursing courses at a time, with the exception of your first and last courses (Professional Nursing A&B and Capstone need to be taken by themselves, but you can take general courses with them). General courses can be taken along with nursing courses, so you could take three classes or more in one quarter if you are up for the challenge
  12. by   kirsnikity
    MBrickle, I know what you mean about keeping track of class timelines! I am enrolled in two courses which start on 2/25, then two more courses which start on 3/29. Definitely going to have to stay on top of payment and enrollment deadlines. So far I haven't seen a 15 week course.
  13. by   MBrickle
    ooh thanks! Yikes...I don't think I took a U.S. History course in college...we shall see what they say...if I ever hear from them!

    It says that I have no pending applications on MyMav but it says that my application is received...hmm...not sure what this means. I sent my transcripts certified and they had to be signed for so I'm really hoping they haven't been misplaced...
  14. by   NclexSally
    I posted this under my other tab but Im hoping for a faster response here. "Does anyone know how the financial aid process works? Does it happen pretty swiftly post Fasfa? are they prompt/ Can I look fwd to loans being approved this close to the start date 2/25/13?????? My advisor called me the other day and said she was gonna email a link but I never received it. Advice is welcomed please. Thanks!"