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Has anyone taken 2 nursing classes together? If so, which ones? Any recommendations on where to take college algebra, my last elective? Also, did y'all take medical terminology and legacy for your upper level electives?... Read More

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    How was leadership and management? What it really time consuming?

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    Quote from maryannmartin75
    How was leadership and management? What it really time consuming?
    I still have to take that class. I just heard that research and holistic health assessment were the most time consuming.
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    I took Med Term as my elective and found it to be an easy A. I think this would be especially true for a person who has experience working with patients and dealing with labs, diagnoses, procedures, etc. It basically expands on what we learned in RN school. I did overlap this class for 3 weeks with Holistic Care of Older Adults and got more stressed out than I wanted to. I work in a busy ER full time and have a family to care for, so the work started to pile up, and I don't like the feeling of being stressed. I will go back to 1 class at a time for now, which is very doable, and still get done in just over a year. Hope all goes well for you!
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    Holistic health assessment was VERY time consuming, I am glad I took it by itself. I am taking care of the elder adult and legacy of the family at the same time right now and it is not too bad. You just have to stay on top of the assignments and plane your time well.
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    you know, everyone is different, so it's hard to answer this question. i took Texas gov with prof nursing and had no trouble. also took med term, holistic care of the older adult, and US gov together and yes, it was busy, but still was able to do well and finish 3 classes at a time. and yes, i work full time and have a husband. holistic health assessment (for me) was a moderate amt of work and i took it alone based upon advice from allnurses, but i could have easily handled another class along with it. a girl in my health assessment class took 4 classes along with it including some with heavy work loads like history and literature and she did fine.

    what is hard for some, is not hard for others. and time is a factor, too. maybe you are a person who can get by on little sleep and are willing to devote all your non-working hours to classes and so forth, which means that you probably can do more than someone else. maybe you are a person who can crank out papers fast and easily; a lot of people have a hard time with papers, but not everyone.
    so, listen to the advice from the people here but know that your experience may not be the same.

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