Prof nursing A&B starting 8/11

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    Anyone starting this class on August 11th? It would awesome to know if someone will be in the same boat as me!
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    I'm starting NURS 3645 on 8/11/14. I have a friend that has already taken it and says it's pretty writing intensive. We can commiserate together!

    What other classes do you have to take? I have to take NURS 3325, 3425, 3335, 4325, 4455, 4465, 4585, elective, TX govt and US Hist II.

    Good luck to us both!!
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    OH WOW! Did you friend say how much writing? LOL I wonder if it's doable for someone who's also working full time.
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    I am starting it also along with Technical Writing!!
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    Question for anyone, I applied at the beginning of May, had someone from UTA actually call me while I was still in the process of filling out the application. Told her I was interested in possibly starting for the 6/30/14 classes and she said that might be pushing it but could be possible. I had both of my college transcripts sent electronically, one from a University in Texas where I took some Gen Ed classes years ago and the other from my community college here in Texas where I received my ADN. Those went through fine, received an email with login instructions and set up my MyMav mail account. Did not receive another email for the rest of the month of May so I went ahead an emailed, called, and never heard back. So I decided to take three more Gen Ed classes I was lacking this summer. Finally, a couple weeks before the June 30th deadline I get an email saying I was provisionally accepted. I deferred and decided I would start during the 8/11/14 session instead. So I registered for Professional Nursing A&B and Technical Writing but I have not heard back about which classes UTA will transfer. Any idea in how long this will take?