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    I'm taking the 3300 co-op elective and I can't seem to find much information about it. Anyone out there already taken it?

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    No, but I am taking it too, along with 3335 I heard that it is pass or fail. I was going to do Legacy of the family and Medical terminology, but I heard that cooperative I and II are easier!
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    I just finished Legacy. Honestly, it was easy. There were 3 papers and they were pretty much all the same. I think I got 98-100 on all three. Hardest part was that the papers had a page maximum not minimum.
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    Was this class pass fail? Or did you get a grade? What was the max page numbers?
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    Legacy is a graded class. The papers had a 5 page max. I think one of them had a 6 page max. The genogram, ecomap, and reference pages don't count toward the page count. Honestly, it was an easy class.
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    Quote from vizzle
    Was this class pass fail? Or did you get a grade? What was the max page numbers?
    The coop class is pass/fail and does not effect your GPA. That is the only thing that I didn't like about it (coop) just finished it, now onto coop II. There is so much work involved, but at least there are not any quiz's!!
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    What type of work is involve in coop 1? I plan on taking it next week but I haven't been able to find the online syllabus that explain the requirement and work involve.

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