Nursing Classes Ranked by Difficulty and Ability to Double Up

  1. There are many threads with this type of info but none that are all in one. I am currently in Professional Nursing and am scheduled to start Legacy of the Family on 11/5. I'm trying to find the best way to double up classes as some have said to not double:

    Health Assessment
    Vulnerable Populations

    If I were to double up with only my 3 remaining classes this program will end up taking me about a year, that's not really the goal. Any ideas on how to double up an easier class with one that is listed above?
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  3. by   VaccineQueen
    I would not double up any of those classes if you can with anything else. I mean, unless you're ok with less than an "A". They are real time suckers but if you're good at managing time you may be able to double them up. IF you do double them up do not double them up with either of the History Courses!

    Vulnerable Populations Assignment took a really long time, lots of research.*Don't double this class up if you able to*
    Nursing Management just takes up time to shadow the nurse manager, assignments are pretty easy just tedious.
    Health Assessment is a time-sucker because you have to assess then type it all up in the document.
    Nursing Research has been the biggest time-sucker. I haven't worked as hard in any of the previous courses as I have in this one. Lots of research, tests, and some tedious work like a crossword puzzle. It starts out slow but then just puts a lot of work on you in a short amount of time. *Honestly, don't double up this class if you can afford not to.*
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  4. by   jenspire
    I don't have any history courses. I only have the literature course and I was going to take that a my local community college next semester. Besides that all I have are nursing classes. The 'time suckers' can't be doubled with any of the others, in your opinion?
  5. by   diggerdave
    I have not taken any of the time sucker course listed above. I have completed health promotion and legal aspect. Neither of them were too difficult. If I had to choose, I would recommend using legal aspect to double up with management. Sounds like vaccine queen gave great advice that lines up with all the other threads I read.