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  1. Has anybody take or are taking this course. I'm having lots of trouble understanding stuff and so far the Academic Coach has been less then helpful. If you've taken this course and might be willing to answer some general questions please email me.
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  3. by   iLOVEbees
    I took 4455 (nursing leadership) a few months ago and got an A.

    What are you having trouble with? I remember it was kind of a pain doing all the busy work and making arrangements to shadow a nurse leader.
  4. by   kcdunlap
    Yeah it's the shadow part. I work for a home health agency that is very laided back. I found one person that might quailify to follow. Then the AC popped me an email 2 days ago and said; let me make sure she qualifies...????? Haven't heard back from her yet and my shadow is Monday. If I don't hear back or if she says no I'm going to freak out. She suggested I contact the state BON to try to find someone to follow....I'm sure I could set that one up in 3 weeks and still work my night shift job...NOT!!

    As far as the write up for that goes. If I just follow the template I should be fine right?

    I've gotten A's in everything else. This one is just frustrating me.
  5. by   iLOVEbees
    I recall that the nurse leader has to be a BSN. If the person you found is BSN-prepared and in any kind of leadership position, she should qualify. Even just delegating to home health workers would probably qualify.

    Yes, follow the rubric and you'll do fine. I did the assignment then went over it side-by-side with the rubric to make sure I clearly addressed every graded point. Worked well for me.
  6. by   kcdunlap
    This AC is the worst. I still don't understand one portion of the Organizational Analysis. I think it might because I'm a new nurse and never worked in a hospital but I have emailed the AC, then I posted it on the Q&A board, then I EPIC messaged and then I emailed again. NO ANSWER at all...that was over the course of 9 days. The assignment is due Monday and I have to work the next three overnight shifts....I'm so frustrated with this AC....
  7. by   iLOVEbees
    If you don't get a response from your AC, you are supposed to email the professor. Make sure you used the AC's correct email address though. They are usually

    I'm not sure what your question about the org analysis is, but in general I can say to make sure you follow the rubric point-by-point even if you think you're repeating yourself. Make it clear that you are specifically addressing every graded point.
  8. by   vle4
    I'm also on that class and in pedi home health. You can email me if you want I am also hating this leadership and management class lol