Nrs 4455 Leadership and Management Dates:9/22-10/24

  1. Hello there,
    Is anyone else in this class?

    Im trying to work on the Organizational analysis and the change theory project i just feel stuck. If there is anyone else who already took this class please any words of advice will be helpful

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  3. by   RunHeatherRun
    Are you taking this class with any other classes? I am planning to take it with Vulnerable Populations in the Spring so I can do Capstone after.
  4. by   sweetlilwolf
    No this one I'm taking alone. In spring i have health promotion across the Lifespan the capstone
  5. by   RunHeatherRun
    How difficult is this class? I plan on taking it with Vulnerable Populations so that I can take Capstone right after. I am so ready to be done with this program.
  6. by   sweetlilwolf
    I don't think it's any more difficult than the others I have not taken research yet though. It's a lot of busy work, 2 discussions per week, a project, and multiple papers. This instructor does not want you using the worksheets like every other class you have to wrote formal papers. Honestly I went through and did almost all my discussion posts so it was one less thing I had to do except my replies.
  7. by   RunHeatherRun
    Sounds good. I was expecting Assessment to be horrific, but it wasn't that bad. I spent probably 4-5 hours a week working on it (and really, it was probably less than that). The only class I am really worried about is Research. I only have 4 classes left and then I am done! So ready.
  8. by   sweetlilwolf
    i agree after that!! after this class i have 4 left also.
  9. by   sweetlilwolf
    If anyone is in this class and working on the change theory please post im confused about something and my coach hasnt emailed me back in days and hasnt answered any questions on the discussion board.