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    Hey amyrnfa and ScarletFire,

    In the rubric for the final Life Review paper it asks for similarity to remembering and difference to remembering and examples. Why am I just not getting what they are looking for. Are they wondering how accurately the older adult remembered their lives? What do they mean to differences to remembering. How do I know if they remember correctly. Not sure I am understanding rubric. Any insight?

    No rush. Not working on the final part until sometime next week!!!!



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    Hi Rosemary,

    I don't have time to check it out right now but I think there was an article written by Butler which we read during Week 1 or 2 that discussed Life Review and the differences between simply remembering and a Life review. If I find it later, I'll let you know.

    What was I thinking when I decided to take 3 classes at once? I'm drowning. I have a big test due on Mon in another class and lots to study. Plus I haven't even touched any of the readings for this class and have to work tomorrow. That means I will have to do it all including taking the quiz after work tomorrow and I don't get home until 8:30 pm. UGH.

    hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, Rosemary.
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    Are you crazy! You will be glad when they all are over! Now I do remember about the reading about the Life Review so take that off your to do list. I will go back and find it. I think I printed it off. I guess I know how your Thanksgiving was. I worked Wednesday and Friday nights, but off tonight! I will send you a PM.

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    Hi Rosemary,

    LOL. Yes, I guess I am crazy. The 3 classes just seemed like a good idea at the time. I won't do that again.

    I worked on Thanksgiving and Friday also. It wasn't bad, but I needed the time to study and if I had been off, I probably wouldn't have got much done.

    Just sent in my Reflective Statement assignment. OMG, I almost forgot about it! Luckily I had most of it written so just had to add a few more lines.

    I don't know how you manage to work nights. Now, that's crazy!!

    Got to run. I read your PM and responded.
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    Hi Rosemary,

    Go to Week 1 under course resources and find transcripts of the slides. Slide #29 has a small paragraph explaining the difference between remembering and a life review. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks! Hope you get a few days off soon!
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    Amy and Rosemary,

    My AC just sent a message saying we are supposed to submit the life review paper directly on the assignment form rather than attaching a new Word doc. No title page necessary. Not sure if either of you are in my group, but I assume all are the same. I've already started it in Word, but I'll cut and paste in when time to submit.

    hope all is well
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    Thanks ScarletFire,

    Thanks for the information! I just checked and had a announcement from my AC saying the same thing. I appreciate it the heads up! I will glad when this is over as I am sure you will be glad when all 3 of your classes are over. What are you taking in January? Guess I will take assessment. Ugh!
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    i haven't decided for sure yet, but i'm leaning towards assessment in jan. there isn't anything offered except assessment, lifespan, leadership, and capstone, so we don't have much choice. we'll talk later about this.
    i'm almost finished my life review paper. then, on to the next obstacle. next week will be a killer for me. i have 3 big tests in my other classes all due on top of everything else. plus, i just realized the deadline for holistic is saturday, rather than mon morning next time.
    thanks for all your help.
    more later.
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    Turning in my paper today. Ready to get it out of the way. Forgot about this class ending early next week, I haven't even done the readings for this week. (I will think about that tomorrow) It seems I have been in British Literature for a half a year! Between the DB and papers for both classes, I feel a headache start when I login to Blackboard. Be so glad when Dec 14th comes around.

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