Looking into UTA RN to BSN program need advice

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    So im graduating with my ADN in less than a week and i am already looking into BSN programs...
    Does anyone have the actual program schedule? How do they do thier classes? How many prereqs did you end up needing besides the Nursing classes? Does it really only take 13 months and the $9000 they advertise or is that only if you dont need any prereqs?

    Also if anyone has any other school that do RN to BSN without clinicals that they looked into and liked better let me know... im hoping to get this done as quick as possible without clinicals and without spending an arm and a leg.


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    Its 9000 in addition to the costs associated with any prereqs you need to take, so it depends on what you have done already. You can theoretically get it done very quickly if you have most of your prereqs already done and you have the time and cash to do the classes. If you do two nursing classes during most of the five week block schedules then you can get it done very quickly. You need to goto their website and look at the schedule to see when classes start and end and then decide if it is for you. Honestly, it depends on how dedicated you are to completing this and what kind of student you are too. Most people will complain that it is too much work to actually complete their degree, don't be one of those people. So just get it done and stop worrying so much and learn to research and compare programs.
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    Yeah i cant find it on their website and the lady that emailed me back was not very helpful...

    No im very dedicated and i want to get it done...
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    Jesus help us all.


    just sign up and send your transcripts.
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    wow okay thanks for the help but didnt need the attitude... this site used to be nice people and helpful not so much anymore.
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    I am very nice, so don't be judgemental, remember I answered your question quickly and effectively. Goto the website below and fill it out to see what classes you need to take.

    University of Texas at Arlington Academic Partnerships
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    The "Jesus help us all" comment unneeded.

    Yes thank you for replying so quick.
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    Welcome to nursing!
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    Yes im well aware of the snide comments unhelpful nurses i work with some.

    But thanks again for all your help
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    Texas Tech RN-BSN has no clinicals and takes one year fulltime. That does not include pre-requisites (13 month UT Arlington program does not include these either).

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