Joining UTA for RN-BSN

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    Hi everyone, Thank you so much for the great topics and help you guys are rendering to one another. After months of searching for a good, cheap and reliable school, i made up my mind to join UTA. Your encouragements, open hearted and kindness motivated my spirit and I am happy to be one of you in this school. I have sent my transcript to UTA, have been admittied for this Fall section after my evaluation, I have also signed my Financial Aid award but, flagged for TSI because English is my second language. Honestly i dont know what to expect next, I want to get started it's been awhile since I applied with them. Thank you for reading, I Would appreciate any advice, comment or what to expect next Please. I'm stocked right now. Thanks

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    I have applied for late September. I haven't heard a thing yet. It is making me crazy! Hopefully I will know something soon and get started.
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    my last transcript was just received today so now I will have to wait to hear if I am accepted or not. I already have a BA in special educations so I am hoping I can get started with the nursing courses right away. I think I have to wait til november to start now since it took so long to get my transcripts.

    Good Luck to you!
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    28 I'm on the same boat. Already have a BA in history. And associate RN. Texas has my transcripts now in just waiting for the go ahead for the sept 24th start date. Wish I knew smth do I could get the books or something. Good luck to you. Let's keep in touch through our studies
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    I got my acceptance to the college this week, as well as my financial aid letter. Now I am waiting for the college of nursing to get everything done. Email or call the admissions office - that seemed to help get things rolling for me. I'm still not sure what classes I need to take other than the nursing...I think the 2 poly sci and 1 fine arts is all, but I have to wait to be sure.
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    My file have been moved to the college of nursing dept, then, I contacted them and they said my course map will be ready by next week. Keeping my fingers crossed while waiting for them, hoping to start very soon, not sure of the date, but the next section.
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    Good luck all! Started in May with tech writing and prof A,B. this seems very doable so far, but I am taking two classes this term and that is something I probably won't do very often. I may take a nursing class with another class, but 2 nursing courses at a time can begin to wear ya down over 5weeks.
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    i am a little frustrated that I have not heard anything yet so I am assuming i am not going to be able to start until November (boo) was really hoping to join you all in September.
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    I still have heard nothing, well u know that my other classes transferred and I have a uTA email address. Other than that no news.
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    obizyanka I am probably right where you are. I got an emailform my academic advisor telling me i needed one more nursing course and that ihad to sign a letter stating i would take the course before they couldproceed. The letter was full of mistakesand the "letter" that was attached was a syllabus not a letter atall. I contacted her and told her, shesent a corrected letter that was still wrong then finally sent a corrected one!geez what a terrible first impression for my academic advisor!
    Anyway i looked at the transfer evaluation and it isunbelievable it looks like i have to take at least 7 liberal arts classes ( Ialready have my BA in education) It would not be so bad if they were math orscience courses but they are things like art and political science.This would take my tuition up a lot and I really don't wantto take another art course at this point in my life.
    I think I am going to look into Chamberlin again as theyaccepted all of my credits. I know thetuition will end up being the same as UTA with all those other classes but Iwon't be doing additional work to earn the same degree.
    Best of luck to all of you at UTA, it does sound like a goodprogram and if I didn't already have a bachelor’s degree I think I would stickwith it.
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