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I just applied to UTA's online RN-BSN program that starts at the end of Feb. Curious to hear any feedback on the program. I sent in all my transcripts and am waiting to hear what they take and what I will need to complete,... Read More

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    Smajerczyk, I'm currently waiting too. They do seem to take a good bit of time to get back to you, which sucks because I'm ready to hear what all I still need to complete the BSN.
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    Are there clinicals with this program? It was vague in their description on the website.
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    Quote from Medic2RN
    Are there clinicals with this program? It was vague in their description on the website.
    I was told that it's all online, so there shouldn't be any clinicals.
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    I am also starting on Jan 16th in the online RN to BSN program man what an ordeal to get started!!! i hope that it is worth it, so far i am going to have to take alot more classes than i was told and that is coming in with the school taking my 104 credits, i know there are a few of us here that start on jan 16th Professional nursing A please if at all possible lets help each other out!
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    I start the 30th can't wait!! I have to take the gov't classes and and English, after that I am all set to start the nursing courses, figure I might as well get my feet wet with online learning with the basic courses. I sure hope I have the discipline to do online... procrastination is my middle name..
    Good luck to everyone!!
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    2blessedrn i did reply to you but it won't let me send private messages since i haven't posted enough (really busy here lol)...i am taking the transition A and algebra first then transition b and statistics next..
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    i think there are a few of us starting jan 16th so we can help each other out...i am on facebook under charene adams if you guys wanna brainstorm during our trek thru BSN school just lemme know..
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    hey, is there anyone in the memphis, tn area who will be starting UTA RN-BSN program jan. 16 or someone who is in the program or even someone who has recently finish the program?
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    wow there are 4 of us now lol
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    it took awhile for me as well to hear back from the school on my status
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