Help debating on UTA 4/8/13

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    Hello Allnurses! I need your help. I am interested in starting the RN-BSN pgm on April 8th 2013. The deadline to turn in all paperwork/transcripts etc. is March 4th. This is where you guys come in.?.? Can you please give me any info about the school? How it operates? Would you recommend it, do you regret choosing this school? Would you go back? What can I expect? Please give any pertinent info I would need prior to deciding on this school. Thanks in advance

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    It seems like its hard to get people to respond. Please if there is anyone who has attended this school or is currently in this school can u PLEASE give me some form of feedback. On pins and needles over here. THANKS!!!
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    I would recommend it. There's a thread just a few weeks old that has 86 comments all on info on the program. That may be why nobody is jumping in.

    It's cheap, in 5 week increments, and fairly easy. Go for it.
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    Thanks so much for responding! I was told by someone (who heard from someone else) that once u start the program it's so hard to get in touch with the instructors. Basically it's like ur own ur own not even being able to contact the instructors for further direction. Is this true? Did u actually go through this program. Have u experienced any major problems? I really want to attend here for many reasons including tuition, time frame and the fact that the school is reputable.
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    registeredin06 is right. there are a million posts right here on allnurses that address all your questions and many more, so that's why we're not responding. I'd suggest you go though and read as many of them as you have time for in order to get an overall idea of the school, classes, and support.

    I would also recommend it, unless you have a better alternative. Here's why:
    1. it's completely on-line
    2. it's fairly cheap, comparatively speaking
    3. it's a reputable and accredited school
    4. no clinicals
    5. can be completed pretty fast esp if you don't have a lot of gen ed classes to take

    join us.
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    Thanks Scarlet! I appreciate your response. I did notice other forums however, they were all newly begining and speaking more on their excitement with being accepted and or starting the classes. My questions were geared more towards once you are actually in the program. Is it what you expected? Are you pleased with your instructors or shall I say are you pleased with the communication process between you and ur professor? So on and so forth. But you did answer once of my concerns with the fact that you would recommend this school and you have gone through it. That really makes me feel a little better. I am actually attempting to get them on the phone now, so I can start my process. Thanks again!
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    Well I got the ball rolling. I completed my application today, now I have to mail off my transcripts! I am not sure if I will be in the february class or the April class. But either way is okay for me.
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    I have not gone through the program; I am in the middle of it. Just started another class yesterday. I started last August and will be finished this coming August. BTW, there are many forums here discussing the answers to your questions; you just have to sift through them and read a lot. Last summer when I was in your position, I took about a week to research as many programs as I could using the schools' web sites, and posts here on allnurses. I read hundreds of posts. One thread had over 700 posts and I read every one of them. Yes, it took time, but at the end, I had at least some idea about each school so I could compare. BUT, you will never understand the school and the classes fully until you are in it, I'm sorry to tell you. Given the fact that it is affordable, reputable, speedy, no clinical requirement, and completely on-line makes it worth considering. For me, those were the requirements I wanted, so I didn't have trouble making the decision. I don't know what your personal requirements are. Only you do. Remember, though, no program is perfect. And I will tell you now that you will be frustrated at times both with the class and with your advisor and AC. Some of the assignments will drive you crazy. You may shed a few tears during this ordeal. It is not going to be a walk in the park; but it isn't the hardest thing you ever did in your life, either. And, think of this: the pain is only temporary. And at the end of the road, you will have your diploma in hand, so it will be worth it. I'm glad you applied, but you can still look around at some other programs just to compare and you might even want to apply to several right now and decide for sure once you are in and know what classes you have to take. Here are a few you could look at: Western Governor's University, Jacksonville University, Ohio University, Grand Canyon University, to name a few. Then, there are also the "for-profit" schools such as Univ of Phoenix, Chamberlain School of Nursing. After you look carefully at all of these, you can make an informed decision that you will be happy with.
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    This message is for Registeredin06, your PM box is full.

    That is strange, at this point I am past arguing with my advisor. She told me it would not count because it is a provider course, much like PALS and ACLS. I am now starting Medical Terminology on Monday and the payment deadline is today. I've just decided to make the sacrifice and take the class to ensure that I am on schedule to graduate this semester.
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    I had problems getting my advanced nursing elective to count, too. I'm glad to be done with the program. It had comparatively few hoops for the jumping, though.

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