Does UTA accept courses from StraighterLine

  1. I saw this website, and I like the prices of their online college courses. Please, have anyone completed any college course from them, and did UTA accept their transferred credit?
    I'm trying to save some money and do as many courses as possible from them. Having completed Engl composition 1, and Psych with UTA, I planned to do the rest of my general courses from other online schools with lower cost if possible. Any comment will be highly appreciated. thank you.
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  3. by   Trenata
    I don't know about UTA, you would have to call and speak with admissions or records. However, I called TWU and they do not accept Straighterline. WGU does accept some of Straighterlines courses.
  4. by   ladyD123
    thank you so much for your response. I did sent the course syllabus to my advisor and he said the contents were good but the credits must come from an accredited institution. Straighterline uses ACE, I don't know if their accreditation are recognized regionally. In fact, i'm confused now..... thank you.
  5. by   twindad85
    I have been trying to get a straight answer about straighterline from my course advisor and UT Registar/Admissions, the only answer I can get is as long as they are accredited institution. That being said, straighterline itself is not "accredited", but the ACE transcript that you transfer it to is. So I might give it a try too. Once you have the credit posted on the ACE transcript you have ACE send it to UTA's registar office and then you have to petition UTA to give you credit.
  6. by   breanne72
    Did you get this to work? My advisor/admissions has not answered me on straight liner algebra