What is Nurse's RX like to travel with?

  1. Dear Nurses,
    What is it like to work for Nurse's RX? I have been very satisfied with the contract, pay, and housing with OA, but they don't have much available that is closer to Kentucky. I own a home and do not want to travel to California etc. with a 15 year old cat. Thanks.
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Nurses Rx is owned by the "Evil Empire." Their pay rates are low. They do not pay all of the housing, etc. They expect the traveler to pay some of it.
  4. by   storknurse
    I just left NursesRx for another company. In my experience, they have a high turnover rate with their recruiters. In the first 2 years I traveled with them, I had 3 recruiters, one of which never told me she was leaving.

    My third, and final recruiter, pushed me to my limit. Does not return phone calls in a timely manner and I had to pass up on a few good contracts because of this. I even had to extend for an extra month because she was dragging her feet trying to find me assignments...and then after I went with another company, she called to tell me that I couldnt get my pet deposit back because their was dog hair on my furniture and it had to be reupulstered...such BS.

    But 6 mos later, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and again still the same story. As far as Im concerned, NursesRX will have one less traveler.

    You may have better luck with another recruiter. Good luck!
  5. by   CompassionateRN
    I've had good experiences with Nurses RX. My recruiter is great and stays on top of things to get me an assignment and/or an interview. Because of their connection to AMN, they have assignments almost everywhere. I've also been pleased with their pay rates... In my experience (I also traveled a while with another big-name company), they are not always the highest, but when you compare several assignments across the board, their pay rates are comparable.

    I don't know what that other person is talking about, but they pay for all of my housing and basic utilities -- including a nice 1-bedroom apt in downtown Boston. They also have coordinated deals with my building's parking garage (parking is incredibly expensive here) to give a discounted rate that travelers with other companies do not get. In addition, my recruiter worked it into my contract that I be reimbursed for most of the monthly parking payment.

    I will say that the only frustration I have had with NursesRX is with their health insurance. I know they've changed some of the options over the past year, but make sure you understand exactly what plan choices you have, when they will take effect, and what you have to do to enroll.

    Happiness as a traveler depends on several factors, including attitude, flexibility, and a good recruiter. If you're not happy with your recruiter, try expressing your feelings to them. If they do not want to listen or adjust their style to provide the best service for you, then move on. There are plenty of great recruiters out there!