What educational level is required for international travel nursing? What educational level is required for international travel nursing? | allnurses

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What educational level is required for international travel nursing?

  1. 0 I am currently in Boston getting prerequisites out of the way and haven't decided what route to take. Debating whether to get an associates and get working sooner, or go the four year route. I am interested in working in the US, UK, and Scandinavia. Is an associates RN sufficient or would a bachelors be necessary to do travel nursing in these areas? I am planning on at least a BSN, but I would love to get working as quickly as possible. Any insight/experiences are appreciated. Thanks!
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    The vast majority of other countries require that RNs be educated at a minimum of the baccalaureate (BSN degree) level.
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    You definitely need a BSN.
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    And here's a related question, I was told recently that those BSN degrees acquired through accelerated programs are not recognized outside the US. Anyone heard anything about this?
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    Just like American Boards, other boards have specific educational requirements. New Zealand wasn't happy with the number of clinical hours my school attested too. They ended up waiving it due to my experience, but they still required clinical observation in country and sort of a remedial class. I hear requirements for the UK and Australia have now changes essentially requiring a BSN but I did gain UK registration in 1998. Get your BSN and your life will be easier for sure.