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  1. Hey guys, I am about to finish up my assignment in Northern Virginia. I LOVE it up here and recommend this area to ANY and EVERY one looking for an awesome experience to grow as a person and have plenty of things to do. I am 5 min from DC, working in Fairfax. So naturally I have a lot of big decisions to make soon. Trying to decide whether I should stay for another contract (different floor...not a fan of the floor I work on now), different hospital (there are 5 INOVA hospitals very close by) or try a different area in Virginia.

    So I was wondering...has anyone ever did an assignment in Norfolk, VA? Im a big time fan of the summer...and being by the beach sounds amazing.. Whether its worth giving up my awesome comfort zone or not...I'm not sure..
    But if you have worked in Norfolk or know anything about the area please let me know!! Thanks in advance!!!

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  3. by   NedRN
    Fairfax is a half hour from DC under ideal conditions. Which never exist. If it really was 5 minutes, I would work there myself. I oriented at Inova Fairfax for a day from Inova Alexandria - actually they didn't orient me as they were shorthanded (poor communication) so I ended up just scrubbing a heart solo.
  4. by   openheartgirl
    I don;t know much about Norfolk, but I am going to be at Senatara Norfolk from May-Nov! All I know is its close to the beach, lots of outdoor activities, and thats all I need. Let me know if you end up going there!
  5. by   RNWhit07
    Openheartgirl that's exactly what I want haha and I believe there's a military base right there. Haha I'm young and single what floor are you on? I'm typically ICU. Is that a big hospital you are going to be at ? I'll keep you posted!!!
  6. by   openheartgirl
    It's a big teaching hospital. Connected to eastern virginia medical school. I'm going to be on the CTSU-bypass,valve,transplants etc. I'm young, not singl, but it seems like such a cool place to live!
  7. by   Jess.RN87
    Hey RNWhit07!

    I'm considering taking an Oncology job at an Inova hospital, not sure which one, starting in May. Are Inova hospitals teaching hospitals? I'm working on my second assignment in Atlanta at a private hospital and really REALLY miss the teaching environment. What do you dislike about your floor? Did you take the stipend or are you using company housing? And speaking of company, which did you use to get yourself up there? I have one in mind, but I'd like to have another on the line for bargaining purposes.

    Thanks in advance!