Tyler, texas?

  1. Can anyone tell me about East Texas Medical Center? Thanks!
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  3. by   sweetgurly25
    Run for your life? The hospital is a level 1, they are behind in a lot of technology. As a nurse, you are wearing different hats. the nurses are somewhat nice depending on the floor but the town is boring and nothing to do. the doctors are jerks and administration treats them like gods. i used to be staff there so i know.
  4. by   NYcDcG
    Thanks for the info. I just put in a travel bid there. I'll keep that one low down on the 'maybe' list.
  5. by   alwayskatiek
    Who is your bid through? I'm supposed to start Monday, but I still fave not relieved the contract! I'm currently in Il. Frustrations!
  6. by   360jRN
    My recruiter is trying to send me there... Sounds magical lol
  7. by   alwayskatiek
    I ended up backing out of the contract. I'm guessing its for the same floor, though. I backed out because of the company, not the hospital, but I didn't have a phone number to let the manager know this. If you do see her, would you mind telling her that I am very sorry , and that it was the company not her? I would really appreciate it!