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  1. 0 Hello. I would love to be a traveling nurse but have some questions if someone could help me out that would be wonderful.
    I am seeing that most facilities would like, and I also think it is imperative to have, at least one year experience. Just want to make sure this is correct.
    Also how do you obtain an out of state license? When I am ready, do I look for an agency or find the location I would like to work at and call them to see what agency they use and then contact them?
    There are so many agencies out there, how do you know which one to use? Thank you so much for answering my many questions in advance.
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    Hi! Welcome!

    I moved your thread to the travel forum there are many nurses here that can help you!
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    Yes to one year experience at a minimum.
    You get a state license by reciprocity from the work state board of nursing.
    Call lots of agencies (most have nationwide assignments), and pick five you communicate with the best.
    Yes to calling a specific hospital for agencies they use if you must work at that hospital.
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    That is a great idea (NedRN), I never thought of calling the hospitals for the agencies they use. Thanks