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Traveler with MSN?

  1. 0 Just wanted to find out if I can be a travel nurse with a Master's Degree. Are there stipulations as to what level of education one can have? Also would there be extra money offered for a traveler with as a CNS or APS?

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Are you talking about travelling as an APN, locum tenens? Or...are you talking about travelling as a staff RN?
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    I am inquiring about both. However, I'm not familiar with the term "locum tenens".
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    If you are wishing to take a staff nurse travel job, then there is no increase in pay for you. Only if you are going to work a job that requires the MSN for the CNS or the Nurse Prtactitioner role and then that has a whole other requirement for you such as going thru licensure with the additional credentialling needed. And this would be in a locums tenens type position.

    Same way that as a staff nurse/bedside nurse in a facility, you usually do not get additional pay for that; only when your responsibilities increase.