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Hi, I am currently a RN in Western MA with 2 yrs of Med/Surg/Tele/Stepsown experience. My pay in is in mid $30's. The cost of living is not too high either. I am looking to travel for experience,... Read More

  1. by   NedRN
    I agree, no traveler should have to pay for a shift cancelled by the hospital. I replied to your original post on my phone so missed the low census part. Good contracts cover this possibility, even better contracts require the hospital to pay for cancelled shifts, usually after some minimum number of hours. For example, Banner hospitals pay after one missed shift per pay period, Sisters of Orange hospitals (about 9 in California) guarantee 90% of contracted time. The agencies contracted to such hospitals should not penalize for low census lost hours. Facility contracts that don't address this issue theoretically pay 100% but the reality is most agencies don't hold them to it and try to take their lost costs out of the traveler's pay.

    In a perverse way, I prefer contracts that have termination clauses and discuss missed hours - the hospital and agency are more likely to stick to the letter of the agreement.
  2. by   wildnursebrendan
    Quote from Rain_ray2000
    My pay in is in mid $30's....the travel pay does not seem to be anywhere close to what I make right now.
    I recently got an offer, But it does not come out to be a lot.

    Contractual Hours: 36
    Estimated Weekly Compensation:
    $540.00 Taxable Wages ($15.00/hr * 36 hours)
    + $1,251.59 Weekly Stipends
    $1,791.59 Weekly Gross Compensation

    Can anyone please help explain why there is such a big difference? I thought Travel nursing was supposed to pay more?
    I know this post is really old but on the off chance someone sees this, am I missing something about the math on this?
    $35/hour = $1260/week
    whereas the travel assignment was $1791/week.
    that is $2,000 gross more per month, which is significantly higher, and with the added benefit of paying less in taxes due to most of the travel compensation coming via stipends.