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  1. Hi! I'm very interested in doing some travel nursing. I've been a nurse for about 14 months, with 10 months of Med Surg experience and now 4 months experience in a level 2 Trauma center ED in downtown Los Angeles. My plan would be to have at least 6 months of ED experience but I'm not sure what travel companies prefer. Also, does any one know of good travel nursing companies to work for? Your answers would be great appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   NedRN
    It is what hospitals prefer. If agencies could place new grads, they would! Generally speaking, you need two years in a specialty.

    Also speaking generally, there are no good agencies. Think of yourself as an independent agent as a traveler for best results.
  4. by   rsalucci
    Hey Jennie! I just started my first assignment with Flexcare and couldn't be happier with my experience so far! Have a great recruiter with very competitive pay if your interested in more info! ��
  5. by   melissadarlenev
    Anyone work for Trinity Travel Nursing company? Any travel agency advice?
  6. by   cosmicmama
    melissadarlenev, I have done one assignment with Trinity and had no problems whatsoever. I went 2500 miles from home for my first assignment, they made sure I felt safe in my housing and had everything I needed. Communication was good and pay was on time. No complaints. If you want my recruiter's name, PM me.
  7. by   sarahc331
    Minimum requirements are one year in the specialty in which you are looking to travel in and usually two years of experience as a nurse. Some hospitals will have higher requirements. My FIRST suggestion to you, do not even consider traveling until you are extremely comfortable with your nursing skills & the specialty you are in. As a traveler you will be scrutinized by every person you meet and will be expected to be able to hold your own and hit the ground running. It's a huge challenge jumping in at a new facility, learning your co-workers, how the system runs, who the doctors are and how to contact them, where supplies are, etc that you do not want to have to worry about your own skills & nursing knowledge on top of it. Most core staff don't take kindly to a traveler who doesn't know their stuff.