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  1. Hi all--

    I've been traveling for just about a year and am looking for my next assignment come Jan 2013. I really want to go to Denver and have been talking to several agencies. Obviously it is a little early for a Jan start date, but I want to make sure I am set up with the right agencies...anyone taken an assignment in Denver??What agency did you use? What agencies have the most assignments in CO? Any tips would be greatly appreciated...thanks!
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  3. by   Snowbird17
    They directly staff HCA hospitals, and pay better than a middle man company.
  4. by   NedRN
    And such a statement is proved false by what, one traveler's anecdote? The truth is, that Parallon does not necessarily pay better than its subcontracting agencies. Paradoxical, but true. Some agencies, such as On Assignment, do rapid response jobs at HCA that pay far more than Parallon (formerly All About Staffing). Even more true is that if you get involved with Parallon, you will not be able to switch agencies. Work for their subcontracting agencies, and you can switch freely who places you at HCA hospitals.

    For those who want to work for the worst hospitals in America that is. And by inference, one of the worst agencies in America.

    About the only benefit to working for Parallon is that you will have first crack at HCA jobs over their subcontracting agencies. But there are so many jobs at HCA that that is not much of a benefit. That is why Parallon has over 50 subcontracting agencies - they have no pay benefit otherwise Parallon would not have to use subcontracting agencies.
  5. by   DreameRN
    I am currently working at University of Colorado hospital in Denver. They have an in house traveler program. Check them out
  6. by   Snowbird17
    The OP asked who we used. I used Parallon, they paid far better than the two other companies I traveled with in Colorado. Also, they have a lot of jobs in Colorado. Seems like you had a bad experience with them Ned. I did not. Many of my friends also traveled in Colorado with Parallon (All About Staffing).

    OP if you find a company that has jobs at a HCA facility, you will make more going through All About Staffing. It is perfectly fine to contact them and ask their rates, etc. Just don't commit to anything until YOU have looked into it.

    They have "over 50 subcontracting companies", each one will take a cut of what they are willing to pay.....

    What's your specialty?
  7. by   NedRN
    I'm OR. Never had any direct experience with AAS or Parallon. Been traveling for 17 years and know of HCA and the general travel industry very well. Some nurses like HCA. Lots of nurses, especially from Florida, have no idea that there are better hospitals out there. I think HCA's record speaks for itself, with huge fraud scandals over and over. They are currently owned by Bain, the venture capital firm (think Mitt Romney if the name doesn't ring a bell).
  8. by   bcarpent
    Thanks for the advice..I have several friends who have taken assignments with allaboutstaffing and I haven't heard any complaints yet. I will definitely apply with them and see what assignments they have available. My experience is in trauma ICU, but have worked in just about any adult ICU.

    I've also been looking at the UC Denver in house positions--just seems like right now their positions are limited..keeping my fingers crossed maybe something will show up.

    Thanks again! Any other tips will help..