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Hello all, I'm a new young traveler (25) and looking for travel buddies. I'm currently in Kentucky :-( but looking for travel buddies to other places!... Read More

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    Ladies the joy of traveling is that you will all meet plenty of new people. If your new facility has other travelers which is usually the case, you will definitely find each other. Travelers tend to flock towards each other. If you travel to a large hospital the orientation is usually a 2-5 days of classroom and there you will find each other. Good luck and safe traveling.
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    Hello all! I'm new to travel nursing. I hope to start traveling in oct, LA area. I would luv to meet other travelers
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    Hello all,

    I plan to start traveling in June 2013 and would love to go to California. Any recruiter or agency recommendations? I will be traveling with my hubby and lab. I lived in San Diego for 7 years before returning to Ohio and would love to get assignments all up and down the coast. What is the average weekly take home for Tele nurses each with without a tax home? Trying to decide if I should keep a rental here in Ohio.

    Thanks for any input you can offer.
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    Hi ERRNinMI ! How did you like riverside county hospital? was it traveler friendly, how was the hospital and the surrounding area?
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    Hello, im 23 currently in las vegas in the middle of my 13 weeks, i want to go to ak prob at the end of may for 8-13 weeks. Looking for someone to travel with, i will prob be driving there from vegas
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    I haven't started traveling yet because I'm looking for a good agency. But a definite con for me is the possibility of being lonely going somewhere by yourself. I didn't know strangers traveled together. Has anyone on here actually done that and it didn't go well? Or went really well? Share your knowledge with me!
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    with the travel industry still being pretty tight on jobs, and peoples experience being different, i think it would be very difficult for two nurses to try to arrange travel assignments together right now, but maybe not impossible. from my experience i would tell anyone who was worried about being by themselves or being lonenly that travel nursing is not for you because the majority of time you will be by yourself and have to be ok with it. yes, there is a goid chance that you will meet other staff nurses and other travelers, but for the most part they will have their own schedules and or friends/family that they do things with. So you will have to plan in advance to make alot of plans (shopping, siteseeing, outdoor activity) on your own, and hopefully make buddies along the way. Otherwise you will be misserable sitting inside your hotel/apartment just sitting around inbetween working your shifts.
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    Hi I'm a 25 year old single RN in Hawaii. I work in NICU at Kapiolani. I love it here and will probably be out here for the next 8 months. But I would love to have some friends to go to the beach with! Let me know if you get a job out here!

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