travel jobs for CNA's

  1. Are there any travel companies out there for CNA's?
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  3. by   nursetaminator
    Google CNA travel job. Will have to do a little bit of searching but they're out there. Not sure if there's a particular company that specializes in CNA travel or not.

    Nursefinders - RN, CNA, LPN/LVN - Per Diem, Travel Nursing Jobs and More This one had a few jobs listed.
  4. by   medic0681
    I have seen local/regional agency listings for CNAs but nothing similar to the type of travel oppourtunities there are for RN
  5. by   cheryl056
    Quote from cheryl056
    Are there any travel companies out there for CNA's?

    Thanks everyone. I'll check it out.
  6. by   NedRN
    Yes, there are travel CNAs. Call a few agencies, especially large ones. I've seen postings for acute care hospitals and acute care. My perspective as a nurse may color what I think of pay, but don't expect much on the road as a CNA. The baseline costs for an agency to house you will take a much larger percentage of your bill rate than a nurses's. I think in your shoes that the pay is close to what you make now with my housing paid that I would be pretty happy.