travel jobs for CNA's

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    Are there any travel companies out there for CNA's?

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    Google CNA travel job. Will have to do a little bit of searching but they're out there. Not sure if there's a particular company that specializes in CNA travel or not.

    Nursefinders RN, CNA, LPN/LVN Per Diem, Travel Nursing Jobs and More This one had a few jobs listed.
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    I have seen local/regional agency listings for CNAs but nothing similar to the type of travel oppourtunities there are for RN
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    Quote from cheryl056
    Are there any travel companies out there for CNA's?

    Thanks everyone. I'll check it out.
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    Yes, there are travel CNAs. Call a few agencies, especially large ones. I've seen postings for acute care hospitals and acute care. My perspective as a nurse may color what I think of pay, but don't expect much on the road as a CNA. The baseline costs for an agency to house you will take a much larger percentage of your bill rate than a nurses's. I think in your shoes that the pay is close to what you make now with my housing paid that I would be pretty happy.

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