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    Hi Everyone

    I will be starting my 1st travel assignment in Boston within a couple weeks. I'm afraid I got the low-end of the pay scale.....$28/hr with no diff + housing stipend. Is this the norm for Boston? Regardless, I'm still excited and it should be quite the experience!

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    Hey I'm I first time traveler also and I'm trying to have my first assignment be in Boston as well. What hospital are you going to? Hopefully this week I hear back from Brigham and Women's Hospital with an offer and we can compare notes!
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    I know a recruiter in the industry. Just talked to her. She said there are Cath Lab, L&D and Peds open in Boston right now for travel positions. I know that they pay housing and per diem.
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    The time to ask that question is before you take an assignment. You are committed now so any answer is moot. The only real way to answer that question is to talk to several agencies and collect their offers and crunch the numbers. An easy way to compare those offers fairly is to use the Traveler's Calculator on PanTravelers.
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    Hey I got the job in Boston! My base is $31 but I'm going to a large teaching hospital so I think that's average. Hope that helps!
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    How much is your housing stipend because I'M finding mine is on the low end and the housing they supply is far from the boston area
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    Hi LaurenBlair,

    I am looking for an assignment in Boston, will be my 3rd assignment, and I'm finding the same type of pay rates. I was surprised with Boston, as I've made far more at my other assignments, but Boston's so great, I think I may accept. Yes, it's with the housing included. I attempted to find my own housing in Boston, but everything I found was outrageous. Best of luck to you!
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    Pay rates for staff in union heavy Boston rivals San Francisco and can top out over $70 an hour. But like San Francisco, housing costs eat into the agency bill rate, cutting your hourly. Working in other parts of Massachusetts often end up being more lucrative than Boston. Springfield or Worcester for example.
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    Thank you for the info! Massachusetts board of nursing severely botched my name, didn't see it until my license came in the mail. This is delaying my assignment in MA, so looks like I'll be trying for it in the Spring! Thanks to the idget who misspelled my name! It was an error on their end- they even pulled out my original application to make sure it wasn't me who misspelled it (yeah, after 30 years, I forgot how to spell my name! haha).
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    Sorry NedRN, but what you said is very inaccurate other than both being union cities. A new grad BSN starts at over $100,000 in the Bay area. A Boston new grad BSN starts at around $65,000. Not that new grads can get a decent job in either place right now. Pay rates in San Fran top out at over $90 an hour for a very experienced RN. I have worked in both cities.

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