Travel Companies- East Coast

  1. I'm strongly interested in traveling East and was curious as to what companies are heavily present in that area. I have almost a year and a half in ICU (Mostly Surgical/Trauma/Neuro) and a year Med-Surg. I've talked to some companies but they didn't seem to have very strong roots out there. Recommendations would be appreciated.
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  3. by   dance4life
    Most of the agencies that staff the East Coast are not in the East Coast. Well, sometimes.

    But, I would try for the specific location you are looking for. Many travel agencies post in there.
  4. by   NedRN
    Cross Country and many other large companies are in Florida. In the late '90s, CC, then the largest travel company merged with Travcorps, the second largest agency - which was based in the Boston area and still maintains offices there. Other east coast agencies that come to mind include Millenial, PPR, Trinity, and Sagent. A number of the brands now largest agency, American Mobile, originated on the east coast and may still have offices there.

    Anyway, as dance4life implies, it doesn't usually make that much difference where an agency is located.

    As far as sites like Indeed are concerned, it would be entirely coincidental if an assignment you see there is current and available. Those jobs are "representative" at best. At worst, they are outright lies!
  5. by   SticU <3
    Thanks, I had spoken to four different companies and most of the assignments they had were out west. I'm pretty open anywhere out east and I thought I had read (can't remember where) that some companies have a good hold on assignments in general locations i.e CA, NC, etc.