texas hopistals: best pay

  1. 0 A traveler for almost two years but a rn for 17 years, looking for a decent travel assignment in texas, preferable in san antonio or even somewhere close within an hour. Good pay rates? Can anyone help:roll
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    In September I submitted to Houston and Amarillo. The pay rates were about $28.00/hr. Don't really know if they are close to San Antonio. I want an assignment in Charlotte but they are non-existant. Any ideas?
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    travel positions in charlotte are easier to come by in the spring and summer, if interested.
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    Thanks! Guess I'll do FL first!
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    Originally posted by bellehill
    Thanks! Guess I'll do FL first!
    Good pay rates....in Florida?????

    Good Luck.
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    Baptist Health System in San Antonio has a "winter RN" program with high pay rates and bonuses on completion, www.baptisthealth.org. There is a hospital about 30 miles north of SA which may be a good bet, www.mckenna.org.
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    thanks aivgail for the advice and the website info! I will definitely check into the information!
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    I looked on the site and saw mention of the full-time winter contract. I could not find any info on what this entails. Could be interested if I knew what that was.
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    cook children's medical center offers winter bonus program. The base salary is 35.00- 40.00 hour, plus weekend shift diff. 2.00. Night diff is 4.00 They also get a bonus after contract is complete. This is a six month contract. I have been told that some of the nurses that pick up extra shifts have made about 45 grand during this period.

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