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  1. Hi all,

    I have been traveling for 1 year next month with Nova Pro Staffing mostly on the West coast. I came back to east coast and they did not have as many jobs. I applied to 3 other agencies including Cirrus, Supplemental, and Advantage RN. Today, I received an offer through Supplemental in NC but it seems sketchy. With Nova Pro the base pay, per diem, and housing stipend were separate.

    My recruiter with Supplemental is quoting me "$15 taxable hourly rate + $123 per day tax free (7days per week) = approx. $1266 weekly after taxes This comes out to about $36.50 per hour."

    This amount is supposed to include housing? The area is Charlotte housing is lower but that seems low. On my previous assignments, I was getting 4,000 or more monthly and didnt have to worry about the hastles of finding housing. Plus, there was mileage reimbursement to and from assignment.

    Anyone who has worked with this company or has advice I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   gonzo1
    That is not a good contract. First of all if you are an RN you making less than 20$ an hour is a red flag to the IRS. Also, that rate will bring down your workers comp bennies should you need them, your social security earnings.etc. I have done several travel contracts and I would avoid this one. Have you tried Cross Country travel, NursesPRN. They are big agencies with lots of opps. If it doesn't feel right, then avoid it. I recommend the Delphi Forum, Travel nurses and therapists for extensive travel nurse info.
    Good luck
  4. by   NedRN
    The IRS does not see hourly pay, only quarterly. Unless you are a very high wage earner and drop suddenly (over quarters), there is no red flag. In fact the opposite. Nurses are already a very low audit risk because we just don't make enough and when we make less, it is even less interesting to examine a return.

    I agree that this is not very good pay and no, they are not providing housing with that quote. But it is very similar to the pay you have been receiving, about 5K a month. Pay for housing in Charlotte and you have about 4K left to bank (a bit higher according to the take home you were quoted).
  5. by   RNx352008
    Yeah, was afraid of that. I don't want to settle but I need something soon. Will negotiate and see what happens. Thanks for the advice. Nova Pro is under Cross Country so they have the same job offers. I will check into Nurses PRN.
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  6. by   wyogypsy
    If they provide housing your hourly rate is high and you pay taxes on all earnings. If you pay your own housing you are eligible for the tax free money (stipend) as long as you have a home base that you pay rent/mortgage on. The recruiter can send you, in writing, the income, taxes, take home pay for both scenarios if you request it. I have worked for them before and am very happy, am starting a new contract with them in the next month!