Southern California: Travel RN

  1. Hello My name is Stephen,
    I am a one year Telemetry RN who lives in St. Louis, MO. I am looking to move to Southern California. Can a you please help me in this move?
    1. What Travel Co. should I apply for?
    2. Should I avoid any certain Hospitals?
    3. Should I take their housing or money for my own place?
    4. Is one year Tele exp. enough?
    5. Do I need ACLS?
    6. How long is the application process?
    7. Should I get my CA License now on my own, or should I let the Tavel CO assist me.
    8. Can you think of any questions I missed.

    Thank You for your time,
    Have a very, merry Christ mas.
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  3. by   renerian
    I would check out this website and you can find alot of information there:

    Plug in travel nurses in the search

  4. by   J. B.
    I have an interesting story if you are interested. worked agency all this time and covered much of southern Calif esp Orange County and south.
    cant share now but willing to share how I did it for so long.
    Alwasy thought travel nursing would be the way to go and have meet some that do it as a means of seeing different places.
    Great adventure.
    be back later