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I have just gotten the opportunity to interview via Skype for a cruise ship nurse position. I have never used Skype before, let alone have an interview that was not in person. I plan on doing a few... Read More

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    Approach the interview as you would any other. It was exactly the same as any in-person interview I've done, just through a computer screen. Dress as you would any other interview, have your rsum, list of questions, and note paper handy to reference.

    The first interview should be with a generic HR rep, so more customer service based questions. If you pass that, the next interview is with the medical director and they will run you through several scenarios.

    I felt very lost with many questions even just before I joined the ship. Not much in the way of a guarantee of a job (they supply the offer letter and obtain your signature upon joining the ship). Also keep in mind that this is WAY MORE than just a job. It will be a LIFESTYLE for a long period of time, and one that is far from what you are used to (living conditions, free time, food choices, luxury items, work hours, etc). You will be there first and foremost to WORK, not have free time. Also keep in mind that your scope of practice and job responsibilities as a paramedic will be NOTHING like here on land. There are no protocols for you to follow. You must get physician orders for everything you do. While you will respond to emergencies (few and far between for TRUE emergencies), the majority of your time will be doing sick call/clinic type work.

    I have also spoken with nurses who have worked the the company that utilizes paramedics. From what I hear, there is quite a bit of tension between the nurses and paramedics as the paramedics do not wish to function in the clinic environment and neither truly understand each others roles (plus the nurses feel like they are being "replaced" by the lower paid paramedics).

    I just urge you to think long and hard about this. It is a very big adjustment from "land side" living and American labor laws.
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    May I ask what line you were on? Was it one of the "major players" or a smaller company?

    Some of the ones I've talked to are nothing like what you're describing in terms of working environment (this includes personally talking to nurses working in the clinics on cruises I've been on).