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Most common travel nurse positions

  1. 1 Which areas (ER, MS, ICU, etc) do you think are the most in demand for travel nurses? I'd really love to do travel nursing after getting a few years of experience but I want to work in home health and am thinking there's probably not as big a demand in that field. Kind of at a cross roads and not sure which direction to take. Just know that travel nursing is #1 on my list. Thanks!
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    Im sorry, my first thoughts were to say something lewd. But from what I've been seeing the top three are: ER, OR, and Labor and Delivery.
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    Which specialties are hot may change by the time you are ready to travel. But in general, the higher trained you are, the more likely your specialty will have special value (command better pay as a traveler). This includes OR, cath lab, L&D, and ICU (especially CVICU). However, there are more openings for floor, tele, and ER, but also greater numbers of available nurses. Sometimes ER will be in great demand, and other times it is just a commodity position. L&D sometimes runs cold too, just depends.

    If you move up to ICU, you will be able to work in PACU as well. You will also have an entry into cath lab, although it requires more training.

    Consider moving to a teaching hospital, and picking a specialty you actually enjoy. The rest will take care of itself.
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    Quote from BearishBob
    Im sorry, my first thoughts were to say something lewd. But from what I've been seeing the top three are: ER, OR, and Labor and Delivery.
    Well, if it's lewd AND funny please share!! Can always use a good laugh!

    NedRN - didn't think about what's hot now might not be in a few years. When I went to LVN school years ago travelers were really bringing in the big bucks but with the economy tanking that has changed somewhat. Of course really the economy has had an impact on almost every career. Sigh.

    Thanks for the input!
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    Missionary, next would be doggy. Same as for non-travelers I believe.
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    OK, made me laugh!! THAT never crossed my mind when typing in the title. But now that I go back and read it.... aww geez!!
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    how about oncology for travel nrsg??
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    There are some, but not many.
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    I asked my recruiter the same question when thinking about becoming a traveler and the answer was always ER and ICU. I worked in a small hospital for a year (77 beds) and then went to a larger one in Tampa (415 beds) for 6 months to get some better experience. I think it worked out great. You may have problems getting your first job (most require 2 yrs experience) but if you are flexible you should be able to land one. California and Texas are always hiring. I also found a website that gives you all kinds of good info about each hospital and the surrounding area: Good luck!!!