Military and Travel Nursing

  1. I'm in the Reserves. I also want to go Active Duty or travel. Active duty at one point was realistic but due to all the budget cuts, it is now easier said than done. Still looking into it after the new year, but also seriously considering traveling. Has anyone in the Reserves done travel nursing at the same time? Was what you made worth the cost of coming home every month or every other month to do your drill requirements? Thanks for all the info in advance! There is not much information regarding this topic!
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  3. by   Az_RN_BSN
    I was (or am) in the same boat as you. I was an Air Force Reservist for 3 yrs when I decided to up and travel. I initially decided to take assignments close to where I was stationed (within a 2 hr plane ride)....but that lasted for all of a yr and a half. I just got tired of constantly flying in for drill weekend. So after attempting to find an IMA position and failing miserably, I decided to go Inactive (IRR) until I got the travel bug out of my system. And my life is so much less stressful But I do miss the military...looking forward to the day when I can be in one spot and be a part of it again! Let me know if you have any other questions