Let's take this job search international!

  1. So, go figure, I am having a horrible time finding a job here in the US... hundreds of resumes in multiple states.
    I am US born and received my ADN in May 2012. I am considering taking the job search international. Does anyone know of any countries that are in need of US nurses or can recommend a good international recruiting company? I am willing to move anywhere. Thanks!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Most countries require a BSN as entry to practice minimum for RN. There are a few who will accept ASN-RN but only if an experienced or specialized nurse (such as NICU or OR nurse). Canada and UK require minimum of BSN. Provinces like Quebec require fluency in French. Other non-English speaking countries require fluency in the local language as a requirement for licensure and/or visa/residency status.

    Are you fluent in any other language?
  4. by   NedRN
    I graduated in 1992 during a mild economic decline, especially in California. Six months later, still no job. So I took my act on the road. I also thought it important to kick start my career with a proper internship at a teaching hospital. That helped limit my job search. So I called every teaching hospital in the country, well just the ones with toll free numbers (a very different era), and drove across the country, stopping in every city that agreed to interview me. After perhaps 10 interviews, I finally snagged a job offer in Baltimore of all places. Worked there happily for three years and have been traveling ever since.

    The 8 month orientation and subsequent experience served me well for I've been able to take what the next 40 highly varied hospitals have tossed my way.

    The confetti method of looking for work the way you've done seldom works. Pick your targets and follow through. Not necessarily my approach, but you need to get through to a hiring manager. Take a few chances and cold call a manager where you'd like to work and tell them why (skip HR).
  5. by   Bringonthenight
    I would suggest Australia. Look into AHPRA and send in your documentation for evaluating.