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I was just offered a 13 week travel position at UMC in Vegas. Does anyone know anything about the hospital. Has anyone traveled there that can share some light on my assignment?... Read More

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    Have you worked in Vegas? Have you ever seen a positive comment about Vegas hospitals? There seems to be a consensus that they are really bad, some worse than others.

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    The general consensus by the few who commented on this thread? Saying they are bad is not enough . I want details.What MAKES them bad? It would be nice to have examples of what makes them bad from folks who actually worked there. They very well may be. But just making a general statement that they are all terrible is not helpful. Because something that may seem terrible to one nurse may not seem terrible to another.
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    I'm summarizing from over 10 years of reading and participating in traveler forums online, not this one thread. Back in 1979 when travel nursing started, things were better in Vegas, but not now. If you do a search on this forum and others, you will quickly see where I got this consensus from. I'm sure someone has a positive experience to relate about hospitals in Vegas, but I've yet to see one. Some do enjoy the Vegas scene of course. And it is always fun to be around many other travelers (and there is always a good reason why some places use so many travelers for decades). Obviously you are set on going having lived there before so there isn't much point in beating a dead horse. You have a reason to go, most travelers are fine with a short vacation there on the way to better things in California.
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    I never said I was set on anything. But I want to know specifically why it is bad. I have only seen generalizations. My reasons for wanting to go are not travel related...more family stuff.
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    Crazy understaffing and crappy management is what I've read over and over again. Try a search on a this and other forums for specifics.
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    Don't come to Vegas for nursing. I'm here now as a traveler. None of the other travelers are happy.Horrible nurse to patient ration, terrible management, limited resources, a lot of new grads who usually do not have a lot of guidance...I wanted to cancel my contract, but now it's almost over. Definitely will NOT be extending. I want OUT. And so do the other travelers I have been working with. Not worth it to ME.
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    Which unit do you work? And which hospital?
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    Quote from RNFiona
    I never said I was set on anything. But I want to know specifically why it is bad. I have only seen generalizations. My reasons for wanting to go are not travel related...more family stuff.
    I personally have not traveled in Vegas but another travel RN told me her experience. She was working med surg and the nurses would take 8-10 pts. One night the 2 staff rns took 8pts a piece and gave the traveler 4 pts. She thought they were being nice but no. She got the first 4 admits before they took one. She said that's how it went for that contract. She did not renew contract obviously.
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    I do ER and traveled at one place in NYC that did stuff like that. Like there could be 20 nurses on, 120 PTs in ER and two vents. And they would give me both vents in addition to my 10 other PTs. Or they would give me a trauma 5 minutes before my shift ended at 8 when there were plenty of nurses who were there until midnight. So I would always wind up being stuck there an hour or two after my shift .Crap like that. I didn't renew. Not because my feelings were hurt but because I thought it was dangerous. That was the only time I truly felt picked on as a traveler. That particular facility uses a lot of travelers and most do not renew

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