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In-person interview for a travel position?

  1. 0 I recently applied directly to a hospital in the southwest for a 3-month travel position. So far, I have had in-phone interviews with HR and with the unit manager. I was told by the unit manager that I would need to come in for an in-person interview within the next few weeks. I live over 2000 miles away, and a last-minute trip would cost me a pretty penny, especially if I don't know whether I will be hired or not. This is the first travel position that i am applying for, so I would like to know if in-person interviews are typically required?
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    I'm pretty sure that's not normal. I just got offered two assignments in Phoenix. I live 2200 miles away in NC, my interviews were over the phone and about 10 minutes each. Has this hospital used travelers before? Maybe they don't know their request is uncustomary.

    Edit: I just noticed you said you applied directly. Maybe that's the difference.
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    You might want to let them know that. Usually its a phone interview if you are going through an agency.
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    I've never heard of that before. Ask them to pay for the round trip.
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    I found it odd too - as I am applying directly to the hospital for a travel position, and not through an agency. Hopefully, will hear back soon from HR and clarify. Thanks for your replies.
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    I have NEVER had to have an in person interview for a travel position