in a pickle

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    I am to start work April 8. My intermediate fetal monitoring runs out the end of this month. I was to take the advanced course on April 4. I purchased my ticket for the 3rd. Now there is no answer to know if I even have a slot. What happens if I cant get in. Am I out of a job?

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    A slot for a class that starts after you leave? I'm not following. Have you not already signed a contract for the assignment? Is it contingent on taking this class first?
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    No the class is on April 4th. I am to start working April 8th. The instructor so far can't be reached to know if I have a slot in her class. I have already sighed a contract to work
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    Still three weeks away. Work on Plan B (finding another class) until you can contact that instructor.
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    Working on it. Calling all hospitals in the area and beyond. So stressed out.
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    Check with your assignment hospital too. While you have their number, check to see if it is acceptable to schedule update during your assignment.
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    Thank you for that idea. I did check, and they don't have any before my start date. But I'll see if they will let me work and go to one during my assignment.

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