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  1. I am about to fullfill my first travel contract as an ICU RN this fall. I have been chatting with advantage RN(any thoughts) about taking a job in Denver or Seattle. Any recommendations of companies that staff either of these areas? Any advantage RN experience? I am an avid skiier, skydiver, scuba diver, and paraglider and would appreciate anyones insight into any of these locations. Also my gf who is a surgical tech will be coming with me as a traveler. Should we use the same company? Thanks.
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  3. by   Argo
    Personally I would not move into denver. I really like Seattle better if I had to work in either place it woud be there. Having said that I am going up to vail in july to start a job. I loved Vail, its about 2 hours out from denver. Snowboarding in winter, summer hiking, biking, camping .....

    I was up in the pacific nw last june for two weeks an I will be up there this year for 2 weeks before starting my job in Vail. It is by far the most beautiful part of the country. The only downfall is the fact it is so overcast all the time. If I was you I would go in july, august, September for best weather. You can drive to mt hood by pportland or whistler in canada for summer skiing if you want that experience. That's what we go for every year at mt hood, we follow it with4-5 days in Seattle.
  4. by   mitch8lem
    Still planing on traveling this Fall/Winter. Looking for jobs in SLC, Seattle, Denver or Santa BArbara. Anyone with any experiences in any of these areas?
  5. by   Worldtravelgirl
    I'd stay away from California. The nursing care here is a joke.