How do you keep your certifications active while traveling?

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    How do you all renew or get certifications while traveling? I mean your BLS, ACLS, TNCC, and ENPC? Any info would be helpful.

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    I need NRP and could not get in to take it, even as a private pay, as a traveler.
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    look up local instructors. there are alot of them that will do private lessons and sign you off. I have found a few in san antonio when we were short an educator at the hospital... We did ACLS and PALS in my living room with a private instructor. I would find your hospitals educator and see if you could give them $1-2-300 for a private class, maybe find a few others locally to get in the class and make it worth their while.... We also have a place called Master Train here in San Antonio that you can go to and they have classes weekly for this kind of thing.
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    That is a great idea! Thank you.
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    I would look at Technical Colleges that have nursing programs. They usually have BLS, ACLS, and PALS that are very reasonally priced.

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