How did you choose your agency? What should I ask?

  1. I'm new to traveling. I hope to start after this summer. I have applications in with 4 agencies currently, but the more I research online, the more horrible stuff I read about each one. Are there any specific questions that I should be asking each one, so that I can determine which will be best for me? I don't want to get ripped off as a first time traveler. Any tips or recommendations are appreciated.

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  3. by   NedRN
    I believe that there is a comprehensive agency question list on PanTravelers. But you will discover more questions to ask with every recruiter conversation that you will want ask of the next recruiter. And every traveler will have personal hot buttons they care about. Some of those might be pay policies, insurance, retirement, call off policies, termination fees, and floating (some of these will be hospital specific, not agency specific).
  4. by   multi10
    Get everything in writing.

    The thing about sites is that usually the people who are unhappy post. The vast majority of nurses, the happy ones, just do their job and enjoy seeing new places. They typically don't post because they are too busy.

    There are legitimate grievances among travel nurses with certain agencies, but, do your homework: Ask for references among nurses working there and call them.
  5. by   sweetgurly25
    i agree with multi10. i have noticed nurses who are unhappy posting a lot and thats fine. They need to know it discourages people that want to pursue it though. My experience has been great so far. i have been to so many places and met some many people since i started traveling. i dont reqret at all, i regret not doing it sooner and being miserable at my staff job. i dont have to deal with committees and meetings. i take as much time off as i want (between each contract). most contracts are 13 weeks long and YOU can do anything for 13weeks. The nurses have treated me great ( lucky). they are so short-staffed that they are happy to see me help. I dont tolerate nurses with attitudes. i ended a PRN job because of that. if i were you i would do it for a year or so and see. Everybody's experience is unique and different. Before i started, like you, i was skeptical. I did countless of research and spoke to so many other travelers, they all said the same thing. Try it and see. Love every minute of it and living the dream.