housing stipends san francisco

  1. I'm currently looking at moving to San Fran for my 3rd travel assignment. I've been working in North and South Carolina where the cost of living is much lower, but housing allowances are decent. Was looking at furnished apartments in san fran and the rent was $4000+/month, does anyone know what the average for housing stipends is out that way?
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  3. by   miam
    usually right around 20000 or a little more. you will have to find sonething alot less then 4000 a month or you will find yourself pulling from your savings just to be there for 13 weeks.
  4. by   miam
    hopefully you know that was suppose to be 2000. if only that extra "0" was the case. :
  5. by   globetrotterRN
    thanks for the info i get a little over that now and the average rent for corporate housing in the area is $1250. guess they don't adjust things for the housing markets
  6. by   BD-RN
    You can always take the paid housing instead of stipend. I hear a decent amount of people do that for the bay area. If your company doesn't offer it, go with another; there are plenty that do.
  7. by   TraumaSurfer
    There is a lot to consider for SF. Parking both at the apt and at the facility might be expensive if it is even available. Street parking in a neighborhood would require a city permit. If your car is still registered in your home state you had better have your paperwork together with explanations. Mass transit is a great option but you need to know the bus lines. Many allow the company to choose the housing for the first assignment. You then might meet up with other travelers who share huge luxury Apts or who know the system and how to max it.
  8. by   globetrotterRN
    Unfortunately my company only offers stipends and I'm Canadian so I need to stay with them because of visa restrictions. Changing companies would be a much bigger hassle than finding my own apartment. I did a little more reseach and have found places that are closer to the $2500 mark with parking which seems ok for the area/corporate housing market. I don't mind learning the bus/bart system. I used to live in Sydney, Australia so I'm aware of the hassles of traffic/parking in a crowded city and prefer public transit to fighting for a space. Will just have to see what the contracts offer and negogiate a reasonable allowance, or look for something outside the city.
  9. by   TraumaSurfer
    Check out the little city of Alameda which is an island between SF and Oakland. Rents are cheaper and easy access to transit including trans bay and local buses, BART and ferry. A lot of our travelers are at Southshore Beach and tennis Club Apts which also have studios. Very nice safe walking community. 1bdrm about $1600 for 4 myth lease. Month to month about 1700. It is on the beach with a city view of SF.
  10. by   danisweetcheeks
    To be honest, changing companies would probably much easier than the hassel of finding your own apartment, within the stipdend range and arranging your own furniture. If I were you, I would consider switching to a company who offers stipend as well as company housing. It is very easy getting a new TN visa. I am also Canadian and have dealt with this before.
  11. by   eager1hasbegun
    Also check out airbnb.com where vetted homeowners list their properties (furnished rooms, houses, apts, RVs, etc.) for more reasonable prices.