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Hey there all, I just wanted to post a general thread about the basics of travel nursing for all those people who want to consider it. I know I asked a lot of questions when I was considering... Read More

  1. by   ERRNTraveler
    Quote from medsurgrnco
    Great thread! I'm exploring travel nursing and have some questions.
    1. Can you find out the patient:nurse ratio ahead of time so that you don't have more patients than you are used to caring for? I am used to 6 med/surg patients, but have worked with travel RNs who had 10.
    2. Do hospitals get upset if you have a lot of OT due to a new computer documentation system?
    3. I've worked in some very toxic nursing units. Can hospitals cancel your contract if regular staff try to get you in trouble?
    4. Are CNA's any more difficult for travelers than for regular staff?

    1. Yes- always ask the nurse manager about nurseatient ratios when you interview with them.
    2. Depends on the hospital- some will let you have as much OT as you want, others won't let you pick up any- ask when you interview. If they are requiring you to do extra for computer training, then they can't really get mad about it...
    3. Yes, unfortunately, hospitals can cancel most contracts, and I have heard of hospitals "finding a reason" to cancel travelers. Check out the hospital and talk to other travelers about it before accepting your assignment- some hospitals just have a bad reputation for this.
    4. I haven't had any problems with this.
  2. by   fatgal
    I have enjoyed what I have read tonight about travel nursing. I want to share with sime fellow nurses. I am an LPN and just completed my first travel assignment in Alaska. I started last fall and came home this past Memorial day. I had 2 weeks home before my last extension. Please do your research folks, I was out sick one day and lost over 400 dollars on my check, because they gave me 300.00 a week for a rent a car if I completed 40 hrs a week, well I only worked 32 that week due to one day illness. Travel nursing is okay, but do your research, talk to other travelers and understand what you are signing, these recruiters/companies are making a killing off of us nurses and smiling all the way to the bank. I know the next contract I sign I will have sick days. Every company has good and bad points, I always got paid on time, airlines and apartments were good, but no work at the present time.
  3. by   kyramarie
    great advice, im highly interested in becoming a travel nurse...and i agree that 1 to 2 years of experience is best before pursuing it
  4. by   msmaximus
    I am from Chicago and considering travel nursing in San Fransisco- which would be an impossible city to rent in w/out getting the housing paid for. Does any one have the scoop on travel nursing in this city? What is the average housing stipend?
  5. by   mkohut_
    This post was really helpful, thank you
  6. by   haras regnurps
    this has been very helpful.
    I am just getting ready to sign my first traveling contract and it is a little scary. thanx for all of you comments...................
  7. by   MiMiRNTampabay
    Such interesting commentary. I am thinking of traveling too.This thread is great...thanks...yours and others points give me a lot to ponder.
  8. by   haras regnurps
    The amount of housing allowance is differnent from city to city and state to state. Most companies calculate this by the current market rate in that area. Insurance is available through most companies too you just need to shop around to get the best rates................Let's see what I say after my first assingment........................................ ...................................
  9. by   sunshine0808
    I am considering traveling because of the money. I am married and have a 22 & 19 yr old and could not even consider this in the past. I am a little scared and not sure, is this normal? I want to try it before giving up my full time job where I am right now. We need it for financial reasons. Any advice??
  10. by   Diary/Dairy
    Being scared and unsure is exactly how I started out too.

    You could try some agency while you are feeling this out and drop your hours at your FT job.. I did that and made a nice living while staying in the same area....
  11. by   sunshine0808
    That sounds like good advice! I got another reply that wasn't very encouraging as far as what travel pays for and how much you would make.. That is what I like about this get the truth!
  12. by   stayseerrn
    Am currently in the Bay Area & absolutely ADORE it. Have been here before & have been back for the last 9 months. When it comes to San Francisco, my advice is to take the provided housing. The cost of living in the Bay Area is INSANE (we all did cartwheels when cheap gas went down from $4.60/gal to $4.14/gal)!!!! Trying to find your own apartment, furnish it, and pay for all of your utilities in San Francisco would eat up all of your pay. Per my recruiter, the average stipend for the Bay Area is about $2000. Keep in mind, that my current apartment (in a quiet San Francisco suburb) rents for $1900 and is only approx 650sq ft. When it comes to San Francisco, definitely come. It is not to be missed! However, take the provided housing, not the housing allowance.

    Oh yeah, San Francisco recently enacted a standard which states that ALL employees, including travelers, now qualify for PTO. Therefore, it has been quite difficult to get assignments there because travelers who are already there do not want to leave an assignment which provides a benefit we hardly ever get. Don't be discouraged if there is nothing actually inside the city of San Francisco. So, if you want to be in the San Francisco area, consider some of the other cities such as San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Daly City, South San Francisco, even Oakland or Berkely. That way, you are close to the City (i.e. San Francisco), but still have a job. From most of these other areas, you are at the most, a 30 minute car ride away, or you can take BART (amazing public transporation which connects most of the Bay Area to San Francisco) anywhere you want to go. Just don't limit yourself to the city of San Francisco itself. Look at the smaller cities around the Bay, and you will enjoy your travel just as much as being in the City.
  13. by   sunshine0808
    Well, have you started traveling yet?