Help....How to get off a travel list

  1. Having not been on travel nursing assignment in over 3 years, I am still being contacted 8-10 times a week in winter months by agents. I have gone onto Career Builder to make sure nothing in my resume even remotely states me doing nursing travel work. Everything in my resume is for Nursing Informatics only. Recently I registered on Linkedin to connect with friend and network within nursing informatics community and within days I am being solicited by several agents without permission.

    It has gotten to the point that I am even consider legal action thru maybe state attorney general office or some organization that controls unsolicited communications to nurses. It obvious these travel companies were sold a list (old list) without my consent to contact me. I have asked these companies to remove me from the list but new companies pop up all the time and its just ridiculous cycle at this stage that I can't get out of and its bordering on harassment.

    Anyone been fortunate enough to get off travel nursing list?
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  3. by   NedRN
    Remove your resume from Career Builder. Period. That is half the problem. Now that it was out there, your contact information is completely compromised. Your only option is to change your phone number and email address. It is a waste of time to talk to those contacting you about removal, they will not or cannot remove your information and it will be sold on marketing lists long after you are dead.

    In the future if you believe that sites like Career Builder have value to you, use disposable email addresses only for contact information. Then simply change email addresses when the spam level gets too high.