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I'm a critical nurse with 4-5 years experience. Just got my Cali license. I've been working with Travel Nurse Across America. I picked them because they had high ratings on multiple sites. But the examples of pay rates my... Read More

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    Quote from leaannf
    Any suggestions for a "good recruiter/travel agency" for a wannabe traveler?
    sorry..this was not appropriate...

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    Not really an inappropriate question if you post it on it's own thread.
    However, it is not an easy question to answer. The best agency for you depends a lot on your own needs, wants, preferences, geographic area of interest, etc.
    Post a thread with some of these details and you should get some answers.
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    letsgosavelives85- Let us know how you are liking Kaiser Oakland. I just got my Cali license and plan to start traveling in January. My recruiter keeps telling me Kaiser is 1st time travelers friendly...but like you, I've heard mixed reviews... biggest thing seems to be the floating. Good Luck! Cant wait to be on that side of the country. Can you PM?
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    Letsgosavelives and I work together at Oakland i enjoy it, of course we float a lot. That's what you do as a traveller. Be flexible! I have had an overall positive experience here.
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    Rnwhit07.... Trying to write you back but your inbox is full!
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    I did a lot of deleting! try again or email me

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