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  1. Hi everyone. I'm getting myself together to travel in the summer. I've been a medsurg/oncology nurse for almost 5 years also perdiem hospice experience. Im just looking for any tips you all might have? How long does it really take to get your first assignment and the best places to go for your first assignment?
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  3. by   emb92250
    It took me 2 weeks (it was a nerve wracking 2 weeks) to get my first travel assignment in the ICU. I have 1.5 years of experience. I applied to a hospital in NC, denied me b/c I didn't have Level 1 Trauma experience. I applied to two hospitals in MO, which never contacted me back. Then two hospitals in TX. They both called me back, I interviewed (phone) with the first one and accepted their offer right away. When the second one called for the interview, I had to politely decline

    I'm doing my first assignment in Ft Worth and its wonderful. The hospital is great and is "traveler friendly." Ask your recruiter, they'll know the "travel friendly" hospitals.
  4. by   ERsupertramp
    I agree with can be very stressful when you first start looking for your first travel assignment. Honestly though, you will always have some nervousness when looking for your next assignment. That never fully goes away. I went from Florida to Orange County CA for my first assignment. It was a great first assignment. The staff was welcoming and the management was wonderful. Just take the leap. Find a recruiter you click with and trust. Be flexible with where you are willing to go. There are a lot of places that won't accept first time travelers, so keep an open mind. Get you licenses in order. Have a plan A, plan B and plan C. Work towards those licenses starting now. If you don't have license in hand that can cost you a job.
  5. by   KrichRn88
    Thanks!! So in both of your experiences did the interviewers care more about your years experience or certifications. I'm going to get my acls in june and go back to school after i start traveling.
  6. by   TNE1
    Any certs you can get make you more marketable to hospitals. If you have say, CCRN over another person, that might be the deciding point for the hospital. Depending on the facility most want at Least a year to 18 months of experience. And your experience has to be consistent in one speciality.